Cocktails have become extremely popular over the past few years, but they are not a 1980's invention. The cocktail as we know it today certainly existed in both the U.S.A and Britain in the early nineteenth century, but the 'cult' of the cocktail dates from the 1920's.

In America, Prohibition banned the production and distribution of strong liquor. No doubt the need to disguise the awful taste of 'boot-leg' spirits which resulted accounted for the enormous variety of drinks enlivened by liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices. By the time Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the fashion for weird and wonderful concoctions was established on both side of the Atlantic.

During the 1950's and 1960's the cocktail fashion was mainly confined to America. But today it has happily returned here and hundreds of cocktail bars have sprung up all over Britain.

With the exception of the few classics - such as Dry Martini - the recipes in this blog should not be treated with undue reverence. Try them: if you like them as they are, fine; if they're too dry or too sweet, adapt them to suit your taste. Be adventurous - and try inventing some of your own!

Mixing Cocktails


Serving Cocktails

Stocking the Cocktail Bar

Brandy Cocktails

Vodka Cocktails

Rum Cocktails

Champagne Cocktails

Fizzes & Slings

Wine Cups & Punches

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Party Favourites

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